City Services

  1. Building Permits

    Stay up to date on the building permit process.

  2. City Licenses

    Get city licenses.

  3. Elections & Voting

    Stay involved in the voting and election process.

  4. Escrow Procedures

    Learn about escrow procedures in Wildwood.

  5. Services for Seniors

  6. Human Resources

    View available jobs and learn about the hiring process.

  7. Interactive Mapping

    View and download maps of the area.

  8. Liquor Licenses

    Learn how to get liquor licenses.

  9. Traffic Fines

    If you've accrued traffic fines, learn how you can pay them off.

  10. Special Event Permits

    Apply for permits for special events.

  11. Trustee Information

    If you're a trustee for a development, find information relative to you.

  12. Meridian Waste Services

    Access information on services provided by Meridian Waste Services.

  13. Street Maintenance

    Take a look at street maintenance services including general maintenance, snow removal, and tree trimming.

  14. Subdivision Procedures

  15. Public Works Permits