Current Projects

  1. Fox Creek Road Bridge Replacement

    This project will replace the existing substandard, one lane bridge on the north end of Fox Creek Road, just south of Route 100.

  2. Manchester Road Resurfacing and Bike Lanes

    This project will resurface Manchester Road from Route 109, west to the intersection with Route 100. The project will involve some shoulder widening to provide two 11' driving lanes and two 5' shoulders/bike lanes. Construction is anticipated to begin later this year. Follow this link to view some of the preliminary plans.

  3. 2016 Street Slab Replacement

    Street Slab Replacement project for 2016.

  4. Alt Road and Forby Road Intersection

    The City of Eureka has started a project to reconstruct Alt and Forby Roads near the south border of the City of Wildwood. This project will widen Alt Road and Forby Road, re-align the Alt Road/Forby Road intersection, and construct a pedestrian trail along the east edge of Alt Road and the north edge of Forby Road between Wren Meadow Drive and Meramec Boulevard. You can contact GBA Engineers at 636-240-2444 or The City of Eureka at 636-938-5233 with any questions regarding the project.

  5. 2016 Asphalt Resurfacing

    2016 Asphalt Resurfacing contract to include Alt Road, Allenton Road, Hardt Road, and Eatherton Road.