Garden Buddies - 2017 - Registration Now Open!!! 

Gardening Program for Children

Wildwood residents are invited to register for the Garden Buddies Education Program in the City’s Community Garden. The Garden Buddies Education Program is a fun and educational activity for children to be involved in the Wildwood Farms Community.  In its 5th year, Garden Manager Cindy Wright, with the assistance of Marsha Bleedorn and Terri Gaston, will guide young gardeners in "How Does Your Garden Grow?" - emphasizing the full circle of gardening from seed to harvest to composting the plant material at the end of each growing season.

If you have a child that you would like to accompany to the garden for this opportunity, please see the information below for program and registration details. Please note that space is limited and, if you have any further questions regarding this program, please contact Cindy Wright, General Manager, at, or Marsha Bleedorn, at  If you have questions regarding registration, please contact Terri Gaston, Senior Planner, at

Thank you & happy gardening! 


Garden Buddies - A children’s gardening program  *** sign-up is required & class sizes are limited!

Children (ages 4-17) and a parent or relative are invited to register for the Garden Buddies Education Program.  The goal is to provide a light-hearted, educational program that offers a complete, age-appropriate gardening experience.  The Buddies will meet for one hour every week or two, totaling 8 classes, and have a party to close out their gardening season.  Be prepared to dig, plant, make mud pies, explore and more!  Class size will be limited.  If you are interested in receiving more information, please contact Cindy Wright,, subject line: Garden Buddies or see the documents at the bottom of this page for further details.

We are extremely fortunate to have a beautiful community garden that now accommodates over 130 gardeners and offers a communal garden area as well.  The Garden Buddies Education Program is an additional use of the community garden to facilitate gardening education and experience, thus enriching our community overall.  All residents of the City of Wildwood are invited to register; you don’t have to be a community gardener to participate in Buddies. 

The following excerpt is from a great article describing the value of introducing gardening to children:

“Everything beneficial that we know about gardening pretty much transfers (to a child) the same way as it does in an adult,” said Donald Frisch, coordinator of therapeutic horticulture programs at the Missouri Botanical Garden. It engages both mind and body and improves the environment.

“Starting with something outdoors and plant-related gets their brains going. It is good to start when they are young,” he added. "Nurturing may be a new skill for a child who seems to be the center of the universe. Discovering new skills to get a seed started begins an educational path.  Watering, sun and the connection with nature is really big at a young age. It builds a respect and love for it,” Frisch said of the long-term effect.