2016 Projects

Fox Creek Road Bridge Replacement
This project will replace the bridge on Fox Creek Road located just south of Old Fox Bridge Road. 

Manchester Bike Lanes- Completed
This project will widen Manchester Road to create bike lanes adjacent to the driving lanes from Route 109 west to the intersection with Route 100 just west of the Grover Post Office.

Pedestrian Bridge Over Route 100 from Kilare Lane to Eatherton Road
This project will construct a new pedestrian bridge over Route 100 from the trail at the north end of Kilare Lane to the trail on the south end of Eatherton Road.

Miscellaneous Maintenance
This is a collection of annual projects to replace concrete pavement, resurface asphalt roadways, replace / install miscellaneous storm drainage, and replace sidewalks within the city limits.

Miscellaneous Trail Construction
This project will include trail construction yet to be determined.