2017 Projects

Pedestrian Bridge over Route 100 

This project, which is under construction, will construct a new pedestrian bridge over Route 100, from the existing trail near the end of Kilare Lane on the south side of Route 100 to the existing trail near the end of Eatherton Road on the north side of Route 100.  This project is scheduled to be completed by the end of summer 2017.  The City was awarded a federal grant to help fund construction of this project.

Concrete Street and Sidewalk Replacement and Crack Sealing (Various Wards)

Each year, various concrete street slabs and sidewalks are scheduled for replacement throughout the City’s subdivisions. Construction begins each year around March and is typically completed by August.  

Asphalt Resurfacing 

During summer 2017, the City will be resurfacing several City Streets throughout Wildwood including the following:
Manchester Road (Taylor Road to Route 109), Christy Ave., Old Eatherton Rd., Glencoe Rd., Pond Bridge Rd., Forby Rd., St. Albans Rd. (Route 100 to Manchester Rd.), Windsor Meadow Blvd., Windsor Crest Blvd., Lancaster Estates Drive and the residential streets within the Glencoe area.

Woods Road Bridge Replacement 

This project, which is scheduled to begin construction in Spring 2017, will replace the existing bridge on Woods Road over Hamilton Creek just west of Route 109. The City was awarded a federal grant to help fund construction of this project.  Closure of Woods Road immediately west of Route 109 will be necessary to construct this project.  

Manchester Road Streetscape Phase 3 (Taylor Road to Eatherton Road) 

Once completed, this segment of Manchester Road will be improved to include bike lanes, on-street parking, curbs & gutters, sidewalks, street lighting and street trees. The City was awarded a federal grant to help fund construction, which is scheduled to start in late 2017.

Salt Storage Facility

Construction of a new salt storage facility to be located adjacent to St. Albans Road between Manchester Road to Route 100.

Route 100 - Right Turn Lane for Community Park

Extension of the westbound on-ramp from Route 109 to Route 100, to become a dedicated right-turn lane into Community Park.

Miscellaneous Maintenance

This is a collection of annual projects to replace concrete pavement, resurface asphalt roadways, replace / install miscellaneous storm drainage, and replace sidewalks within the city limits.

Miscellaneous Trail Construction

This project will include trail construction yet to be determined.