P.Z. 4-17 Town Center Signage

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Request Details

Project Name P.Z. 4-17 City of Wildwood - Town Center Signage
Applicant/Petitioner City of Wildwood
Project Type Text Amendment to Zoning Code
Proposed Use Review and consider possible amendments to the sign regulations to increase the number of allowable signs; the allowance of certain free-standing signs; and the location of signs in relation to commercial operations, within the Town Center Area
Location  Town Center Area
Status Denied - No Changes Made
Meeting History   Information Report
4-17-2017 Planning & Zoning Commission  Public Hearing  Approved Minutes
5-1-2017 Planning & Zoning Commission  Continuation of Public Hearing Approved Minutes
5-15-2017 Planning & Zoning Commission Information Report Approved Minutes
6-5-2017 Planning & Zoning Commission Amended Information Report Approved Minutes
6-19-2017 Planning & Zoning Commission Letter of Recommendation Approved Minutes
6-26-2017 City Council Receive & File Approved Minutes

Ward  All 
Council Members  Council Member Directory
City Contact  Travis Newberry  636-458-0440 x124
Date Last Updated January 17, 2018

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