Hike and Seek

Hike and Seek - webpage graphic

Geocaching is the anytime, anywhere adventure where players (called geocachers) use a Geocaching app or a GPS to find hidden containers around the world. Throughout 2018, the City of Wildwood is hosting an ongoing geocaching game, called "Hike and Seek!" There are 10 geocaches hidden along trails, in parks, and in public places around the City of Wildwood! Collect a token from each geocache and redeem them at City Hall (16860 Main Street, Wildwood, MO 63040) for a prize! Prizes will be awarded when 1, 5, and 10 tokens are found.  All tokens must be redeemed by December 28, 2018. Good luck and have fun! (Limit 2 prizes per family, at each level.) 

How to get started:

1.  Go to www.geocaching.com to learn all about geocaching!

2.  Download the official geocaching app, "Geocaching - Treasure Hunt" from the app store on your phone.  It's FREE!  The app will have the logo on the right side of your screen.

3.  Browse for the Hike and Seek geocaches by looking in the Wildwood area on the map in the app.   All of the caches' names start with "Hike and Seek."  You can also search by the "GC" code of each cache, in the app.  The codes of the Hike and Seek caches are: GC7G9GV, GC7G725, GC7G9GN, GC7G7ZB, GC7G809, GC7G7ZW, GC7G76D, GC7G70F, GC7G76H, GC7G764 

4.  Go find the caches!  Once you have found one, take one token, sign the logbook, and put the cache back exactly how you found it.  Collect the tokens and redeem them for Wildwood gear at City Hall (16860 Main Street, Wildwood, MO 63040)!  **Prizes will be given when 1, 5, and all 10 tokens are found.  (Limit 2 prizes at each level, per family.)

**Tokens must be redeemed by December 28, 2018!