Buddy's Place Dog Park

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About Buddy's Place:

Buddy's Place is the City of Wildwood's Dog Park located in Wildwood's Community Park located at 17155 Pond Grover Parkway.  This one point five (1.5) acre area is the perfect place for dogs to run around in a safe and fenced in area to have some fun.  

The dog park is named in honor of the rescue dog Buddy.  May this park honor Buddy and all dogs who serve humankind with loyalty and a sense of duty

History of Buddy:

Buddy served with distinction as a search-and-rescue dog with the Metro West Fire Protection District. Working alongside Engineer/Paramedic Brad Stahlman, the yellow Labrador retriever quickly developed a known record for tracking and finding the most difficult of victims.

Buddy logged more than 200 search-and-rescue missions. He located bodies below the surface of the Meramec River and found individuals lost in the roughest terrain. In May of 2011, Buddy and Stahlman traveled to Joplin, Missouri where they searched for victims and survivors in the aftermath of a deadly tornado. As a state and regional asset, Buddy was steadfast in his determination to perform at the highest level.

Articles about Buddy:

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