Boards and Commissions Served by the Department

The Department of Planning provides services and staffing to a number of different Boards, Commissions and entities within the community. These include:


The Department assists property owners, residents, business owners, and development interests with interpreting the City's regulations and requirements for land use planning in this community. Areas of assistance include:

  • Issue permits for construction
  • Promote the preservation, protection, or reuse of historic assets
  • Enforce land use ordinances
  • Ensure environmental protection
  • Review all subdivisions of properties, as well as requirements for their design and service under the City's Subdivision and Development Regulations
  • Preserve community character
  • Promote best development practices in land use
  • Apply property maintenance requirements to ensure that existing land, buildings, and structures are maintained at minimum levels, thereby guaranteeing the value of the improvement is preserved and the surrounding neighborhood character is protected
  • Review of zoning applications, conditional use permits, and site development plan
  • Implement sustainable practices for land use, new construction, and stormwater management