City of Wildwood's Groundwater Resource

Recent news reports have highlighted the problem with potable water and growing shortages across all parts of the world and within the United States. No one can forget the problems that faced Georgia and the City of Atlanta last year, with their drinking water supplies at historically low levels. No area seems to be immune to temporary shortages and other problems relating to securing a plentiful supply of potable water for the future. As more and more surface and groundwater is utilized, countries and their governments have begun to study this issue and take steps to protect this essential resource.

Long Term Plans

Since August 2007, the City of Wildwood has been reviewing the issues relating to its groundwater resource that is estimated to serve over 3,500 households within the community. Options being considered to ensure issues relating to the quality and quantity of groundwater never materialize in Wildwood include:

  • Community wells for larger residential subdivisions in the low-density areas of Wildwood
  • Development techniques to protect the aquifer
  • Low-water planting recommendations for homeowners and their lots
  • Standards for well construction to ensure quality
  • State-managed monitoring wells to ascertain conditions within the aquifer
  • Water quality testing of existing wells through the St. Louis County's Department of Health

Completed Tasks

The City has obtained assistance from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to ensure whatever options are selected for consideration serve the residents of Wildwood the best. Below are items that have been completed to date by the City regarding this issue of groundwater protection:

Questions or Concerns

Have you experienced problems with your well running dry? Email us your address and the time period this problem occurred. This will assist the city in tracking the location of these problems. Please put "Groundwater Issues" in the subject line.