Deer Management Subcommittee

The City of Wildwood Board of Public Safety formed a Deer Management Subcommittee in 2019 to research and develop recommendations to manage the overpopulation of deer in Wildwood.  The committee was formed in response to resident complaints regarding deer overpopulation, which was confirmed  by a 2018 deer population study.  That study, which was completed within a 5.5 square mile area of the City of Wildwood, determined the deer population density to be about 80 deer per square mile, which is well above the historic deer density of 5-20 deer per square mile.  In addition, in 2018, the Wildwood Precinct Police reported that there were 231 deer / motor vehicle strikes within City limits. These strikes pose a direct threat to the safety and welfare of motorists traveling throughout the City of Wildwood. The Deer Management Subcommittee is supported by the Wildwood Precinct Police, who provide annual data on deer/motor vehicle strikes, and the Missouri Department of Conservation, whose wildlife biologists provide expertise to the City regarding deer management. 

Roles & Responsibilities:

The Deer Management Subcommittee’s goal is to help gather and utilize hard data and public opinion to create a management strategy that will increase the safety and reduce property damage for those residents living with deer in Wildwood as follows:  

  1. Promote safety on the roadways by decreasing the number of deer/motor vehicle strikes in Wildwood. 
  2. Provide an informed perspective to the Board of Public Safety and City Council regarding the management of deer, supported by data from the Wildwood Precinct Police and guided by the Missouri Department of Conservation.  
  3. Educate residents on all aspects of living with deer.  
  4. Facilitate public feedback regarding deer management practices and foster partnerships to develop and implement a preferred management strategy. .
  5. Create and recommend a deer management plan to the City Council that is suitable and acceptable to residents. 

Deer Management Survey

The City of Wildwood conducted a questionnaire for three main purposes: to gauge public opinion about deer and urban deer management techniques, to gain and understanding of resident interface with the overpopulation of deer, and to provide education on current issues regarding deer in Wildwood.  The survey was posted online and opened for one and a half months, closing on January 31, 2020.  There were 958 respondents.  See the survey results at the link below.  

Deer Survey Results

Draft Deer Management Plan

The Board of Public Safety has prepared a Draft Deer Management Plan, based on resident feedback from the previously completed Deer Management Survey.    The Draft Plan has been prepared for the review and approval of the City Council, which is currently in progress.  Read the Draft Deer Management Plan at the link below

Draft Deer Management Plan