Community Cookbook

In celebration of the City's 25th Anniversary, residents are invited to submit their favorite recipes to be included in a Wildwood Community Cookbook.  The cookbook will be offered, for free, in digital format at the end of the year.  All recipes submitted must be able to be included in the cookbook (submitter must have the rights of reproduction and not submit someone else's copyrighted work). 

Each month will highlight a new recipe category and residents are encouraged to submit their favorites within the featured category.  Recipes can be submitted via an online form: Community Cookbook Recipe Submittal Form

The monthly category list is below:

  • Soups - January
  • Breakfast - February
  • Sauces & Dressings - March
  • Salads - April
  • Entree/Main Dish - May
  • Beverages - June
  • Dessert - July
  • Sandwiches - August
  • Side Dishes - September
  • Appetizers - October
  • Favorite Family Recipe - November