Park Information

City Parks

This page provides information on Wildwood City parks (visit the COVID-19 Trails page for specific details on Wildwood trails and trailheads). This page may not include up-to-date information on County and State Parks. We recommend you visit their specific pages for details.  

As playgrounds re-open, please help keep our Community safe:
-Please maintain 6 feet of social distance from others, whenever possible.
-Please sanitize hands before entering the playground and upon exiting the playground.
-Playground equipment, tables, and benches are not regularly disinfected.
-Please wear protective masks, unless exempted.

Please stay home if you do not feel well

City Parks

Park NameStatus of Facilities
Al Foster Memorial Trailhead Parking Lot - Open
Restrooms - Closed (portable restrooms available)
Trail - Open
Anniversary Park Parking Lot - Open
Pavilion - Open
Playground - Open
Restrooms - Closed (portable restroom available in parking lot)
Bluff View ParkParking Lot - Open
Restrooms - Portable restrooms open
Trail - Open
Community Park Parking Lot - Open
Pavilions - Open
Playground - Open
Restrooms - Open
Trail - Open
Community Park Dog Park - Buddy’s PlaceDog Park - Open 
Glencoe City ParkParking Lot - Open
Pavilion - Open
Playground - Open
Restrooms - Portable Restroom available
Trail - Open
John L. LeCave Memorial Trailhead Parking Lot - Open
Trail - Open
Old Pond SchoolParking Lot - Open
Pavilion - Open
Playground - Open
Restrooms - Portable restroom available

County & State Parks

The City’s trail corridors remain open, but practice social distancing and follow all recommended steps of the CDC in this regard. We encourage you to get outside and explore the great parks and trails in Wildwood.

From our friends and partner, Great Rivers Greenway, reminding us to be safe, even while outdoors. Enjoy the parks, trails, and other great public areas, but please be safe out there!

Be Mindful

St. Louis County Parks

Greensfelder County Park located within Wildwood is now open.