Trails & Trailheads

All City trails are currently open. This includes Bluff View, Hamilton-Carr Greenway, Rock Hollow, and the Wildwood Greenway. The Al Foster Memorial Trail (operated by Missouri Department of Natural Resources) is also open. Visit the COVID-19 Park Information page for details on closures in City parks.

Keep following CDC Guidelines, if you head out to use the trails...stay home if you do not feel well, retain social distancing when passing others on the trails, touch as little as possible - this includes, benches, etc., 

City Trails & Trailheads

Trail or Trailhead NameFacility Status
Al Foster Memorial Trailhead

Parking Lot - Open (parking on-street in the Glencoe Area is prohibited.)
Pavilions - Open
Restrooms - Closed (portable restrooms available)
Trail - Open
Bluff View ParkParking Lot - Open
Restrooms - Portable restrooms open in parking lot
Trail - Open
Community ParkParking Lot - Open
Pavilions- Open
Playground - Open
Restrooms - Open
Glencoe City ParkParking Lot - Open (parking on-street in the Glencoe Area is prohibited.)
Pavilion - Open
Playground - Open
Restroom - Portable restroom available in parking lot
John L. LeCave Memorial TrailheadParking Lot - Open
Picnic Tables - Open
Restrooms - Portable restrooms open
Rock Hollow TrailheadParking Lot - Open 

We will continue to monitor the degree and manner of usage of our parks and related facilities, and take additional measures as may be warranted to promote the safety of our residents.