Community Outreach Task Force

This task force was created by Resolution #2020-16 adopted by the City Council on July 27, 2020. The purpose of the task force is to evaluate community outreach programs provided by the City and local nonprofit/civic groups in relation to the current needs of Wildwood residents, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic, and specifically, to identify areas that may improve community outreach for Wildwood residents in conjunction with such local nonprofit/civic entities.


  • Meetings and the work of this task force have concluded.
  • Those wishing to view the meetings can do so on the City's YouTube Channel.

Past Agendas & Minutes

Past meeting agendas, associated documents, and approved minutes can be found in the Agenda Center.


The Community Outreach Task Force was composed of sixteen (16) residents and three (3) Council Members. Staff liaisons to the task force are Kristin Naeger, Superintendent of Parks and Recreation, and Joe Vujnich, Director of Planning and Parks.
  • Brian Larson - Ward Two
  • Roland Corvington - Ward Two
  • Scott Collier - Ward Three
  • Karen Jehling - Ward Three
  • Ryan Bowman - Ward Four
  • Maura Caldwell - Ward Four
  • Claire Hildreth - Ward Four
  • Aashish Allu - Ward Five
  • Harry Lemay - Ward Five
  • Ed Marshall - Ward Five
  • Dan Glowski - Ward Five
  • Amy Vollmer - Ward Six
  • Michelle Becker - Ward Seven
  • Robert Webster - Ward Eight
  • Council Member Katie Dodwell
  • Council Member Dan Flaschar
  • Council Member Scott Ottenberg

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