Town Center Public Space - Village Green

In 2018, the City purchased 6-acres (two, 3-acre parcels of ground), immediately west of City Hall, to be used for public space. At the time of the property acquisition, a citizen committee was completing the update of the City’s Parks and Recreation Action Plan and included, as part of their final work, a main Action Point of the Plan (Action Point #5) dedicated to the future use of this property. This plan was subsequently approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission and adopted, via Resolution #2019-22, by the City Council.  

The City Council issued a Request for Proposals to begin the process of assessing the property for use as a Village Green and to undertake the planning and design process for this property in June 2019. In late 2019, the City entered into a contract with Human Nature, who was awarded the contract via the RFP process. Human Nature led a process throughout 2020, which will culminate during 2021, and result in a Final Master Plan for the property’s development. The planning process can be reviewed online.

Results of Public Input

The first two (2) phases of this planning process are complete. These are the Awareness and Exploration Phases.  The results of each are provided via the links below.  The third phase, the Vision Phase, will begin in early 2021, with an opportunity for public input.

Location MapLocation map

Aerial Photograph of Public Space

Aerial of Town Center Public Space