Planning Process

The planning and design process for the Town Center Public Space is being led by Human Nature. The process includes three (3) phases, with public input in each:

  1. Awareness
  2. Exploration
  3. Vision

Each phase is explained in detail below. The process is estimated to take about nine (9) to twelve (12) months, from its start time in early 2020.


During the Awareness phase, the consulting firm spends their time getting familiar with the people and place, understanding the mission and aspirations of the key stakeholders. With input from individuals and groups, data is gathered on project background/previous work, needs/program, community and stakeholder
meetings/surveys, mapping key features and resources of the site, understanding the City’s budgetary goals, walking and documenting the ecological assets and challenges. It is in this first phase that the spirit of the place, the unique opportunities/challenges of the system and sites, and desired outcomes/objectives are discussed and articulated. The degree and scope of sustainability for the park will also be determined in this phase. All of this knowledge, then, provides a strong foundation upon which informed decisions can be made together and define the key parameters that will be tested in the next phase of the work.


During the Exploration Phase, the consulting firm will use the foundations established during the Awareness Phase to test a spectrum of conceptual master plan alternatives and their associated physical and programmatic components. A range of concept alternatives will be generated that will explore a variety of site access and connectivity strategies, building/facilities locations and configurations, habitat preservation/restoration strategies, educational demonstration opportunities, types and locations of recreational facilities, sustainable site and building elements, and essential programmatic and functional relationships. Ultimately, this phase allows us all to dream, to think outside the box, to test new ideas, and to study relationships and scales of elements. Once again, during this phase effort will be made between the consultant and City to co-create the alternatives and ensure that we address all of the key issues, concerns, and aspirations.


Finally, the third phase in the process is Vision. This is when the best ideas rise to the top and they are woven together into a single cohesive plan. This is done in a couple of steps – a Preliminary Master Plan and a Final Master Plan. The Preliminary Master Plan is the first glimpse at how all of the best ideas might work together. This is when final stakeholder input is sought and guidance from the City is provided. Important questions will be asked, such as: has the community’s vision for the park been captured? Are things working together well? Does the master plan embody the City’s expectations related to the Parks Action Plan objectives?

Based upon this feedback, the plan is then finalized, key recommendations are provided, a master plan is generated - level cost estimate, and development of a prioritized and phased implementation strategy, and all potential partnerships and funding strategies are identified. All of this will be organized into a final Master Plan report that will capture the essence of the master planning journey and become the road map for future implementation of the park vision.