Hamilton-Carr Greenway


The trail begins at the Al Foster Trailhead in Glencoe and proceeds northwest to the intersection of Old State Road and State Route 109. At this location, a tunnel takes you underneath Old State Road and continues on the east side of State Route 109 to Woods Road. At Woods Road, another tunnel will take you underneath State Route 109 to the entrance of Rockwoods Reservation.

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The current trail length is 1.7 miles.


It is an eight-foot wide asphalt trail and is available for use by runners, pedestrians, and bicyclists. The trail offers access to Rockwoods Reservation, the Al Foster Memorial Trailhead and Glencoe City Park.


Parking is available at the southern terminus of this trail at the Al Foster Memorial Trailhead, at its northern terminus at the Rockwoods Reservation lot along Woods Road, or at the mid-section, during non-school hours at La Salle Springs Middle School.


Restrooms, pavilions, picnic tables, and trash receptacles are available at the Al Foster Memorial Trailhead.

Trail Hours

Hours of operation are one-half hour before dawn to one-half hour after dusk. 

Walking trail through the trees

Nearby Facilities

Al Foster Memorial Trailhead
Al Foster Memorial Trailhead is located southern terminus of the trail. Currently there are restroom facilities, picnic tables, pavilions, trash receptacles, and a parking lot. Please note, water is not available. 

Glencoe City Park 
Glencoe City Park is located 0.2 mile north of the Al Foster Memorial Trailhead. This park includes a playground facility, picnic amenities, restroom facility and parking.  Please note, water is not available.

WF&P Miniature Railroad 
WF&P Miniature Railroad is loacted in close proximity to the Al Foster Trail and Trailhead. This railroad system is a great way to experience and explore the area trail system.  

Rockwoods Reservation
Rockwoods Reservation is located at the northwestern terminus of the Hamilton-Carr Greenway. Users can enter Glencoe Road, the main access to the Conservation Education Center, where additional trails await exploration.

Connection Opportunities

At the southern terminus of the Hamilton-Carr Greenway, users have access to the Al Foster Memorial Trail. From the Al Foster Memorial Trail, users can access the Bluff View Trail, Rock Hollow Trail, and numerous natural surface single track trails from Sherman Beach to Castlewood State Park.

At the northwestern terminus of the Hamilton-Carr Greenway, users have access to Rockwoods Reservation and a variety of beautiful trails within.

Take a look at the Hamilton-Carr Greenway photo gallery and trail mileage (PDF).