Rock Hollow Trail


The trail can be accessed at two (2) locations. The main trailhead is located at 777 Ridge Road on the parking lot of Ridge Meadows Elementary School. It can also be accessed from the Al Foster Memorial Trail 8/10 of a mile from the Al Foster Memorial Trailhead (located near the intersection of Grand Ave. and Washington Ave. in the Glencoe Community.


The current trail length is 2.3 miles.


The trail is ten (10) foot wide and asphalt surface. It is available for use by pedestrians and bicyclists. The Rock Hollow trail is one of the most attractive trails in the Region! It attracts users from all over the St. Louis area. From the trailhead, the trail is a downhill trek, all the way to the Al Foster Memorial Trail. The first 1/4 mile is noticeably steep, but the trail seems to level out as you proceed down the trail. There are benches at the side of the trail at intervals if you need a break. The Rock Hollow Trail is becoming an attractive park area for Memorial Benches. There are thirteen (13) wooden bridges along the trail and the scenery changes dynamically with the seasons. While anytime is beautiful on the trail, if you catch the Bluebell wild flowers blooming in the spring, it will become an unforgettable memory.


Parking is available at the Ridge Meadows Elementary School (cobblestone parking spots) and the Al Foster Memorial Trailhead.


At the Ridge Meadows Elementary School, only parking is available. At the Al Foster Memorial Trailhead there are restrooms, picnic tables, and small pavilions. There are benches available along the Rock Hollow Trail. Please note, water is not available. 

Trail Hours

Hours of operation are from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. (daily). 

Nearby Facilities

Al Foster Memorial Trailhead
The Rock Hollow Trail ends at the Al Foster Memorial Trail. The Al Foster Memorial Trailhead is approximately 0.8 miles west of the Rock Hollow Trail. (Restrooms available)

Glencoe City Park 
Glencoe City Park is approximately 1.1 miles to the west, from the intersection of the Rock Hollow Trail and the Al Foster Memorial Trail. (Restrooms available)

WF&P Miniature Railroad 
Trail users will see the railroad tracks of the WF&P Miniature Railroad at the bottom of the Rock Hollow Trail. The main station for the miniature railroad is located approximately 0.7 miles west of the Rock Hollow Trail.

 Bluff View Park
Access to the trail that will take hikers to the Bluff View Park can be found approximately 0.3 miles from the end of the Rock Hollow Trail. Where Rock Hollow Trail meets the Al Foster Trail, go west to the Bluff View Trail.

 Connection Opportunities

Al Foster Trail (5 miles in length)
Bluff View Trail (over 11 miles in length)
Hamilton Carr Trail (1.7 miles in length)

 Cooperative Partnerships

  • Missouri Department of Natural Resources
  • St. Louis County Department of Parks and Recreation
  • Great Rivers Greenway (GRG)
  • City of Wildwood
  • City of Ellisville

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