Wildwood Greenway


The Wildwood Greenway is located all over the City, but a majority of the trail system is located in and around Wildwood Town Center. The Wildwood Greenway Trails are especially visible along State Routes 100 and 109, and are extremely popular in the Wildwood Community Park. The trails offer leisurely strolls, relaxing bicycle rides, or great running workouts. Access to the Wildwood Greenway Trail System can be found endlessly throughout the City, including: Wildwood Town Center Plaza, Wildwood Community Park, Lafayette High School, Babler Elementary School, Village Plaza View shopping area, Anniversary Park, Fairway Elementary School, and numerous subdivisions throughout the City.


Currently, there are approximately eighteen (18) miles of asphalt trail system in the City of Wildwood.


The asphalt trail system consists of an eight-foot wide asphalt trail and is available for use by pedestrians, runners, and bicyclists. There are three (3) tunnels and three (3) bicycle/pedestrian bridges incorporated into the asphalt trail system.


Parking is available at many public parking areas such as the Wildwood Town Center, Wildwood Community Park, Village Plaza View shopping area, Anniversary Park, Babler Elementary School and Lafayette High School (not during school hours).


Trash receptacles, doggie stations, and benches, are available at various locations along the trails, especially near the Wildwood Town Center. Potable water and restrooms are available at the Wildwood Community Park and Anniversary Park.

Trail Hours

Hours of operation are one-half hour before dawn to one-half hour after dusk, but excluding the Town Center Area.  For this excepted area of use, the hours of operation shall be from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (daily).  

Nearby Facilities

  • Wildwood Town Center Plaza
  • Wildwood Community Park
  • Wildwood Dog Park
  • Old Pond School Park
  • Babler Elementary School
  • Fairway Elementary School
  • Lafayette High School
  • St. Albans Church
  • Happy Hounds Dog Park
  • Wildwood B&B Theatre
  • Wildwood City Hall
  • Living Word Church
  • Amoco Service Station
  • Phillips 66 Service Station
  • Numerous restaurants in Town Center
  • The City of Ellisville

Connection Opportunities

Using the Wildwood Greenway and appropriate connector roads, trail users can access Babler State Park, Rockwoods Reservation, Wildwood Community Park, and anywhere in the Wildwood Town Center Plaza. The Wildwood Greenway offers a connection to the Hamilton-Carr Greenway then, in turn, access to Glencoe Park, the Al Foster Memorial Trail and Trailhead.

Future Plans

The Wildwood Access and Mobility Plan outlines numerous future trail connections and pathways. Additionally, the City of Wildwood, in conjunction with Great Rivers Greenway (GRG), has been researching the possibility of a greenway corridor connecting the Missouri River Valley to the Meramec River Valley (connecting the Monarch Chesterfield Levee Trail to the Hamilton Carr Trail). This vision has the potential of providing trail connections to all major parks in the City of Wildwood, twenty (20) miles of trail in the Chesterfield Valley, and access to the Katy Trail. Also included in the Great Streets Planning Process, are trail connections with the City of Ellisville. The beginning of this connection can be seen with asphalt trail recently completed in the area of Strecker Road and State Route 100. Finally, the ongoing planning process includes a major trailhead facility at the Monarch Chesterfield Levee and Centaur Road.

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