Trustee Information

This section is intended to provide Subdivision Trustees with general information, which may assist them in their duties.

Much of the information was provided by the St. Louis County Department of Planning. Other valuable resources are the management companies, such as CMA and City & Village, which oversee particular associations with regard to assessment collections and maintenance of common ground areas.

Subdivision Associations

Subdivision associations are formal, legal entities created to maintain common grounds and to enforce trust indentures.

Private Subdivision Association Details

  • Membership is mandatory for all homeowners within the boundaries of the subdivision
  • Members are charged annual and special assessments or fees
  • Subdivision associations are corporations with formal by-laws; there is usually a governing board, and sometimes a private management firm to manage maintenance and enforcement issues
  • Subdivision associations have the authority to instill and enforce restrictions and design standards, which are in addition to municipal or county ordinances
  • Subdivision associations provide a unified voice in matters of civic interest
  • Subdivision associations typically have a governing board of three trustees

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