Property Management for Subdivisions

With new homeowners moving in, maintenance issues always at the forefront, and indentures becoming outdated, subdivision trustees sometimes turn to professional association managers to provide the subdivision with leadership, budgeting and finance expertise, and effective and efficient management. Since trustees often serve their subdivisions on a voluntary basis and earn no salary for their efforts, many subdivisions hire professional management to provide greater expertise to more adequately respond to the subdivision's needs than could volunteers, and to offer residents a specific contact person.

Property Manager Services Provided

  • Collect homeowner dues and other miscellaneous fees
  • Inform trustees of changes in relevant laws and ordinances
  • Mail out notices and coordinate association meetings
  • Manage the day-to-day operations of the association
  • Place liens on homes for failure to pay annual assessments
  • Prepare financial reports for the subdivision association
  • Provide expert advice while taking direction from the trustees to enforce indentures
  • Retain an attorney to take necessary legal actions