Proposed Route 66 Roadside Park

“Get Your Kicks” at Wildwood’s Future Route 66 Roadside Park

Did you know that Manchester Road in Wildwood is part of the original Route 66?  Route 66, this new highway corridor created in 1926 as a major connection to the West, is affectionately known as the “Mother Road” and “The Main Street of America.”   The highway gave birth to many small towns, inns, Mom and Pop stores, and other roadside attractions, and has since been memorialized in pop culture.  There are many famously recognizable signs along the route today.

The Historic Preservation Commission is proposing to establish a Historic Route 66 Roadside Park as a tribute to this legacy on a half-acre parcel acquired by the City in 2019, which is in the core of Town Center at the southeastern corner of Grover Crossing Drive and Manchester Road.  The parcel is located on the original Route 66, from 1926-1932, before the road was realigned.  SWT Design, a landscape architectural firm, has been selected to develop potential design concepts for the site, in conjunction with the public input and participation of interested stakeholders.

Stay tuned in for project updates, involvement opportunities, public meetings, and more.