Trees and Tree care

Urban street trees are subject to all of the elements of urban life, extremes of climate, poor soil, and limited growing spaces.  Proactive management is necessary for urban trees to thrive. Your help can ensure this investment grows to provide critical shade, beauty, and positive environmental benefits for your neighborhood.

What can you do?  

Maintain proper mulch.  See the diagram. Do not mulch in the shape of a volcano, as it can prevent water from reaching the roots, disrupt gas exchange in the taper of the tree, and it can create haven for insect infestation directly on the bark.  Mulching in the shape of a doughnut is healthier for the tree.  

Mulch Screenshot

Water routinely on an as needed basis.  Two inches of rain or watering for a new tree, per week, is a good metric., especially in the first 3 years.  Too much water can cause root rot.  This can even be helpful when it is not hot outside.  Water within the dripline, which is the area below the crown of the tree.

Protect the trunk and branches from damage.  Watch those lawn mowers and delivery trucks.  If trucks or vehicles are routinely hitting your street trees please contact public works with this link Report a Tree Problem

Learn more about trees!  

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