Essen Log Cabin

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Built in the 1870s, the Essen Log Cabin had stood atop a hillside along Eatherton Road (Highway 109) for more than 140 years. The family approached the City and its Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) to discuss its donation for public use. After review and discussion, the HPC recommended, and the City Council approved, the acceptance of the donation.  The City's plans were to reconstruct the cabin, on public property, and make it available for the community's viewing/use.


Prior to the City having the cabin properly tagged for its relocation and reconstruction, it was stolen. Sometime between November 24 and 29, 2015, the cabin was destroyed and the logs stolen with the intent of selling them to the highest bidder. The approximately fifty (50) logs were recovered by police and are now in storage. The roof, foundation, and windows were discarded on the property and damaged beyond repair during the theft.  In Spring of 2019, City of Wildwood hired a local architecture firm, at the direction of the Historic Preservation Commission, to conduct historical research, assist in the temporary log crib reconstruction, and prepare a set of Preliminary Reconstruction Drawings. 

Log Tagging (Post Theft)

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In 2022, the Historic Preservation Commission, with approval from Wildwood City Council, settled on the future Wildwood Village Green as a final location for the cabin, with the specific site for it nestled between some trees just north and west of Wildwood Farms, the City’s community garden.  Given the cabin’s history, some key considerations of the Commission in choosing this location involved security, maintenance, ease of programming, and public access to it. The cabin, once reconstructed, will be utilized for limited events and educational activities.  Members have been looking to Faust Park Historic Village for inspiration.

Reconstruction of the Essen Log Cabin is anticipated to begin in 2023, in May or early June.  Cabin reconstruction will occur independently from construction of the Village Green project.

Essen Log Cabin Location


With the increased costs in the reconstruction of the cabin, due to it not being properly tagged prior to removal, the Historic Preservation Commission is seeking donations to offset some of the expenses to the City for this project. no amount is too small and all donations will go directly to this exciting project!  If you would like to donate to the project, please contact Robyn Keefe at or call 636-458-0440.