Bingo Scavenger Hunt

Celebrate Wildwood LogoThank you for exploring Wildwood with our Bingo Scavenger Hunt!

Answers to each photo clue is listed below!  

Bingo cards FINAL 

There were 24 Wildwood locations noted by picture clues on the bingo card.  From Left to Right:

Row 1: Dr. Edmund A. Babler Memorial State Park,, Bluff View overlook, Big Cheif, Pedestrian bring over 109, John L. LeCave Memorial Trailhead

Row 2: B&B Theatres Wildwood 10, Community Park storybook walk (last page), 221 Plaza Drive (location of the Farmers Market),  Wildwood Family YMCA Community Garden, Al Foster Memorial Trail (at the turnaround, end of trail)

Row 3: Wabash, Frisco, and Pacific Railroad, Pedestrian Bridge at the Meadows of Cherry Hills, FREE SPACE, Rock Hollow at Ridge Road, Buddy's Place Dog Park at Community Park

Row 4: North pavilions at Community Park, Glencoe Park, Little Library at City Hall, Stovall's Grove,  Anniversary Park

Row 5: Town Center Clock Tower, Smokey the Bear at Woods Road/109,, Ginkgo Lover Memorial Tree/Bench at pedestrian bridge near Village Plaza, Green Pines Park, Old Pond School

When you collected five hole punches in a row, you won a prize! If you collected ALL squares and got a bonus prize!

Prizes were redeemed at Celebrate Wildwood!

Thank you for playing!!!

Questions?  Contact Stacy at or 636-458-0440.