Route 66 April Movie and Scavenger Hunt

Let's celebrate Wildwood's Route 66 heritage with some exciting events!

Fun Fact: Did you know that on April 30, 1926, businessmen Cyrus Avery of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and John Woodruff of Springfield, Missouri, sent a telegram to Washington D.C. from their hotel in Springfield, Missouri, suggesting the name “66” be given to their new highway going from Chicago to Los Angeles?

Route 66 Scavenger Hunt

The Route 66 Scavenger Hunt will take place the entire month of April.  Participants of all ages will be challenged to solve 30 clues for various Route 66 landmarks along Wildwood's length of the corridor and will receive raffle tickets for exciting prizes based on how many clues are successfully solved!  

Clues will go live on this page on April 1st, along with instructions for submitting your photos, videos, and answers. Please include a Minor Photo Release Form (with guardian signature) or Adult Photo Release Form with your submission. The City of Wildwood plans to use the photos collected from this event to help promote Wildwood's historic Route 66 corridor and encourage tourism along it.  Be creative!

Once clues have been posted, guides for the event (with all the clues) will be given out at Wildwood City Hall (16860 Main Street).  

Over $1,000 worth of prizes have been donated by Wildwood businesses and organizations (see our sponsor list below)!  The scavenger hunt individual or team with the most points will have first choice of a prize, regardless of raffle drawing.  The rest of the prizes will then be awarded by raffle, with participants able to submit their tickets for specific prizes.  A livestream event, hosted by the Student Route 66 Taskforce, will record the drawing of the raffle winners in mid-May, after raffle ticket holders have been given the opportunity to submit their tickets for specific prizes.

Wildwood businesses, churches, schools and other organizations will be participating in the fun, in some cases offering giveaways or other fun displays at designated locations. 

Route 66 Outdoor Movie

Come watch the movie Cars in your cars!  Or bring chairs and blankets if that is your pleasure.  Pre-show events will begin at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, April 14, 2023.  The movie will be shown as soon as it gets dark.  Sound will be available outside or via your car radio using FM transmitters.  

Food for sale at the event (Come early and support our businesses!  Food sales begin at 6:00 p.m.):

  • Miss Becky's Salsa Shack
  • B&B Theatres Concessions (in theater)

Location: Please park in the field east of B&B Theater in Wildwood Town Center (corner of Taylor and Main).  The movie will be shown on the wall of the theater, and event staff and volunteers will be directing traffic.  If you are running a little late, please bring some chairs as a back-up plan in case the field gets full.  

Other: English subtitles will be shown with the movie.  If there are any additional accommodations needed or desired for either event, please don't hesitate to contact Robyn Keefe at, and we will see what we can do.  We want this to be fun for everyone!

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Brought to you by the Student Route 66 Taskforce