Route 66 Scavenger Hunt

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Route 66 Scavenger Hunt

The deadline for the Route 66 Scavenger Hunt was SUNDAY, April 30th at 11:59 P.M.  You now have until Monday, May 8th, to share your photos and responses to robyn@cityofwildwood.

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Bonus Points

Over $1,000 worth of prizes have been donated by Wildwood businesses and organizations!  The scavenger hunt individual or team with the most points will have first choice of a prize, regardless of raffle drawing.  The rest of the prizes will then be awarded by raffle, with participants able to submit their tickets for specific prizes.  A livestream event, hosted by the Student Route 66 Taskforce, will record the drawing of the raffle winners in mid-May, after raffle ticket holders have been given the opportunity to submit their tickets for specific prizes.

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Brought to you by the Student Route 66 Taskforce