Champions of History Memorial Tribute Program

History is important, often controversial in its interpretation and impact, but critical to understanding the current conditions and how they became the standard for today’s life. Given history’s importance and role in shaping the present and future, it requires hard work, care, and effort to ensure it is not lost, decimated, destroyed, or otherwise marginalized. This hard work, care, and effort is done by a thankless number of volunteers, organizations, governments, and others.

The City of Wildwood recognizes the following individuals for being "Champions of History" at the following levels of recognition (highest to lowest):

  1. Champion of Conservancy
  2. Sustaining Member
  3. Guardian of History

May their significant contributions never be forgotten.

Do you know someone who is worthy of this recognition?  Please fill out an application and submit it to

Paul Wojciechowski (in memoriam, 2022), Champion of Conservancy

A twenty-four-yePaul resident of the City of Wildwood and practicing planner and public works professional, Paul was involved with the City of Wildwood’s activities and preservation efforts for over a decade, including having served as the Chair of the Historic Preservation Commission for nearly five years of his six year and three month term of service, previously serving two separate terms as a City Council Member, while also volunteering at various times as a Planning and Zoning Commission Member and Board of Adjustment Member, and having been a part of several other City initiatives, including the Town Center Update Committee. Paul initiated the formation of a Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, in addition to other activities related to planning and civil engineering. Paul, in his work and advocacy, brought attention to the historic communities of Wildwood through Tour de Wildwood and other City bike events. He also led the charge to include Wildwood’s Historic Route 66 in the National Bike Route Designation, and in establishing the foundation for the subsequent Route 66 Roadside Park project, as a stopping point along it.  Paul is remembered as having an enthusiasm, kindness, and love of community that was infectious to all around him.  Paul will be remembered for his outstanding service and significant and enduring contributions to the history of this community by Proclamation of the Mayor, Memorial Brick at Old Pond School, and Tree Dedication at Community Park.  Thank you, Paul, for all you did!