Special Use Permits

A Special Use Permit is required for any fill, excavation, or land disturbance within a city right-of-way. Special Use Permits are generally issued for utility work (including sanitary sewer lateral repairs), new curb cuts, driveway replacements, or construction of city infrastructure. They are also required for the installation of a swimming pools or retaining walls if access crosses an existing sidewalk.  

Application for a Special Use Permit should be made online using the link below. 


The cost associated with this permit is $60 ($20 permit fee and $40 inspection fee), plus an escrow deposit (escrow deposit is determined by the Director of Public Works).

Upon completion of the project, the escrow will be fully refunded after a letter has been received by the Department of Public Works and an inspection has been requested. If the inspection finds that the right-of-way has been restored to the original conditions, the full escrow will be returned. If there are any outstanding issues that need to be corrected, a letter will be sent to the person who is requesting the refund to have all items fixed. If items do not get repaired in an acceptable amount of time, then the applicant will forfeit their escrow deposit. Please contact the Department of Public Works for more information.

Please note that the escrow deposit must be requested from the applicant within one calendar year from the date the permit was issued.

Application & Standards