Trash & Recycling

Republic Services and Gateway Disposal  -

New Waste Haulers Began Wildwood Service August 1, 2023

Republic Services Customer Service: 636-947-5959

Gateway Disposal will cater to the non-urban, large-lot properties, encompassing around 2,500 homes, generally situated on spacious 3-acre residential lots. Gateway Disposal's willingness to step forward and provide service to Wildwood's rural areas demonstrates their commitment to supporting the community as a whole. The City warmly welcomes Gateway Disposal and looks forward to their exceptional service in maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of Wildwood's rural areas. 

Gateway Disposal Customer Service: 314-900-2070

Who is my New Waste Hauler?  

Click the following link to determine your new waste hauler, effective August 1st

Waste Hauler Service Provider Mapping Tool

If your home address is red, you have Republic Services, if your home address is blue, you have Gateway Disposal.

Scheduling Bulk Pickup for Older Carts (Not Waste Connections)

Please complete the following form to schedule a bulk pickup for your older carts (i.e., Meridian carts, Wildwood carts, personal carts, etc.). 

  • Republic Services Form: To schedule the bulk pickup of your old cart(s) with Republic Services, please complete this form. 
  • Gateway Disposal Form: To schedule the bulk pickup of your old cart(s) with Gateway Disposal, please complete this form.

*Please note that Republic Services and Gateway Disposal will allow residents to use old carts for yard waste. For residents opting to use their old cart for yard waste, a sticker will need to be placed on the cart. Both waste haulers will be providing the City with these stickers in the coming weeks. The City will make an announcement once they become available. Residents will be able to pick up these stickers at City Hall. 

*Republic Services plans to collect old carts daily during their regular waste collection operations. Residents are encouraged to place their old carts at the curb on their designated collection day. Residents are requested to place a note on the carts stating, “Remove”.  Unmarked containers will not be removed. Republic Services aims to collect as many old carts as possible alongside their trash, recycling, and yard waste pickup. If you notice that your trash, recycling, and yard waste were collected, but your old cart remains, it means that Republic Services did not have enough room in their truck to collect it. If this occurs, please remove it from the curb and put it out on your next collection day. If you have any questions, please call Republic Services at 636-947-5959. 

 Waste Connections Cart Removals

Please note that your new service provider will not remove Waste Connections carts. Waste Connections will be removing their remaining carts on Fridays beginning on August 11th, 2023; however, residents should contact Waste Connections in advance at 636-321-2100 or to schedule removal.  

New Carts

Each resident should have received a 65-gallon cart for recycling and a 95-gallon cart for trash.  If you haven't received your new carts yet, please contact your new service provider at the numbers listed below. 

  •  Republic Services: 636-947-5959
  • Gateway Disposal: 314-900-2070

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Bulk Item Pickup: Both Republic Services and Gateway Disposal will offer free monthly pickup of bulk items, but you must call in advance to schedule this service.
  • Cart Adjustments: If you require a cart size adjustment, please reach out to your hauler.  
  •  Extra Carts: Should you need an extra cart, both Republic Services and Gateway Disposal can provide one for an additional cost
  • Yard Waste Service: Yard waste service will be available from both service providers for an additional fee. Republic Services will charge $18.80 per month, while Gateway Disposal will charge $10.75 per month. The 15% Senior Discount will also apply to yard waste service. We want to assure you that both providers have already received a list of current yard waste customers, so there is no need for you to contact them to continue receiving this service. However, if you wish to add or cancel yard waste service, please contact your new service provider after August 1st, 2023. 
  •  Senior Discount: A 15% Senior Discount will be available through both service providers. For residents receiving the 15% Senior Discount, the cost for basic services during the first year (8/01/23-7/31/24) will be $27.14 per month for Republic Services and $36.55 per month for Gateway Disposal. If you were receiving the Senior Discount with Waste Connections, the discount should carry over. 

General Inquiries

For more information about the waste hauler transition, please visit our website at

For any service-related questions, please direct your inquiries to your new waste hauler at the numbers provided below:  

  • Republic Services: 636-947-5959
  • Gateway Disposal: 314-900-2070

 General Procedures & Requirements

Republic Services and Gateway Disposal are the current residential waste hauler for the City under a five-year license agreements which began on August 1, 2023. 

Please be advised of the following waste collection procedures and requirements:

  • Because the start time may vary from week to week, we recommend that you have all trash, recycle or yard waste at the curb or street frontage on your scheduled collection day no later than 6:30 AM so you won’t be skipped.
  • If your trash, recycle or yard waste is not at the curb or street frontage on your scheduled collection day when the truck arrives, your hauler will not return that week. (Be advised that truck drivers take time-stamped photos when trash, recycle or yard waste is not at the curb.)
  • Trash: 
    • It is preferred that all trash items are placed in a trash bag and a trash container, with a weight not to exceed 50 pounds. (If you have bulky items, please contact your hauler directly to notify them of the items that will be placed at the curb so that they will have the proper manpower to lift items into trucks as needed.) Construction debris will not be accepted.
  • Recycling:
    • Please place all recycle items in the designated  cart. 
    • Large cardboard boxes must be broken down into manageable sizes, and placed in your recycle cart, not alongside..  
  • Yard Waste: 
    • Please place all yard waste items in compostable yard waste bags or old trash carts can be re-purposed for yard waste, however please mark the old cart as "Yard Waste" or apply a "Yard Waste" sticker. 
    • All tree limbs must be bundled in 4-foot long sections with a 6-inch diameter and placed at the curb on the designated pick-up day. No tree roots or dirt will be accepted.
  • Trash and Recycling Container Storage and Placement:
    • Trash and recycling containers shall be stored in a place not visible from the street which the residential structure faces.  Trash and recycling containers  shall be placed at the curb or street frontage not more than twelve (12) hours prior to the regularly scheduled collection day. Trash and recycling containers shall be returned to their appropriate storage places no later than 12:00 Midnight on the day of collection.
  • Appliances: 
    • For appliance pickup, please contact your waste hauler directly for removal of these items (prices indicated in the following table).

Items Not Accepted

Items that will not be collected include:

  • Solid waste and yard waste co-mingled
  • Tree roots, dirt / soil, and/or rocks or bricks
  • Construction debris
  • 55-gallon drums
  • Hazardous materials, including but not limited to batteries, and any flammable or combustible liquids or gases.

Missed Service Policy

Your waste hauler will address any missed pickups, due to their fault, the following day. Thus, if you believe your service was missed or skipped on your regular scheduled service day, at no fault of your own, please have the applicable materials (trash, yard waste or recycling) at the curb for pickup the following day. For missed pickups that occur on Friday, collections will occur on Saturday.

Services & Costs

Pricing for services offered by Waste Connections are as follows:

Basic Trash Service (curbside, once per week) $31.93 per month (Republic Services)
$43.00  per month (Gateway Disposal)

Recycle Collection (curbside, once per week)Included at no charge with Basic Trash Service
65 Gallon Recycle Cart or or 95 gallon Trash Cart Included at no charge with Basic Trash Service
Optional - Yard Waste (curbside, once per week)
- 10 item limit, bags or bundles not to exceed 60 lbs. ($2.00 per additional item)
- Subscription available on a quarterly basis only.)
$18.80 per month (Republic Services)
$10.75 per month (Gateway Disposal)


Optional - Appliance (White Goods) Collection

Republic Services - $36.60 per appliance
Gateway Disposal - $30.00 per appliance
(Call or email to schedule pickup)

Bulk Items (i.e., furniture, other large items)One item free of charge monthly (Gateway)
Two items free of charge monthly (Republic Services)
 (Call or email your hauler to schedule pickup)
Construction Remodeling Debris / CarpetingPlease call your hauler for pricing

Holiday Collection Schedule

New Year’s DayMonday, January 1, 2024  
(All pickups delayed one day)
Memorial DayMonday, May 27, 2024  (All pickups delayed one day)
Independence DayThursday, July 4, 2024 (Thursday - Friday pickups delayed one day) 
Labor DayMonday, September 2, 2024 (All pickups delayed one day8
Thanksgiving DayThursday, November 23, 2023 ( Pickups delayed one day for Thursday and Friday)
Christmas DayMonday, December 25, 2023 (All pickups delayed one day)

Wildwood Winter Weather Policy

If streets are considered impassable and unsafe due to a winter storm, your waste hauler may cancel service for the day.   When a cancellation occurs, service will resume the following morning, assuming street conditions have improved.  As always, we recommend that you have your container at the street by 6:30 AM for service.  

 For private streets, your street must be plowed and considered passible by the driver in order to service your cart.  If the driver considers a private street to be impassable, due lack of snow removal, it will be skipped for that week, with service resuming the following week.

How Do I Contact My Waste Hauler

Republic Services Customer Service: 636-947-5959

Gateway Disposal Customer Service: 314-900-2070