Glencoe School - Post Office - 2005

2167 Old State Road
Constructed Circa 1871

This building was believed to have been constructed prior to 1871, since deeds at that time of its sale indicated the building was already in place. The original use of the building was as a school for children in the area of far western St. Louis County. During this period of time, there were a number of small, rural school districts that provided educational services. Due to its age, the property's use has changed and, more recently, was the Glencoe Post Office. This use made it a major landmark in the Glencoe Area, since it was a meeting place for the surrounding community. Since the construction of the new postal facility on Manchester Road in 1991, the property has been used as a home.

The City's Historic Preservation Commission considered this property as one (1) of the first fifty (50) sites it undertook for review, shortly after its establishment, due to its relative importance. According to a historical survey completed by Esley Hamilton of the St. Louis County Department of Parks and Recreation, the building is significant from the perspective of its construction characteristics, such as the stucco exterior, relative use of openings, and its condition when taken in the context of its age.