Stovall's Grove - 2009

18720 Stovall Lane
Constructed circa 1935

The original section of the Stovall's Grove dance hall building is two-stories with a front gabled roof. The first floor has been clad with brick, and the second floor is covered with modern horizontal siding. Vertical board is in the gable end. The front door is centered between two 1/1 windows; which are below the 1/1 windows at the second floor. There is a single story shed-roofed concrete addition to either side of the original section and running the full length of the building. Doors and windows are modern replacements.

Secondary sources disagree on dates of acquisition by the Stovall family and construction for the building, which served as the dance hall for Stovall's Grove. The grove also had a separate tavern and store in a mid-19th century building that burned down in 1958. Some histories state that the family bought the property in 1930; others state that it was later. Census records indicate that in 1940, the Stovall family lived in rented property on Manchester Road and at that time, George Stovall was a laborer for the WPA. Additional research should be able to sort out the details, but at the moment the property is well-maintained, busy, and protected by its Wildwood landmark status.

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