Annie Rickard House - 2010

Private residence
Constructed circa 1941

This is a side gabled frame bungalow. Its full-width front porch is sheltered under a lower-pitched forward extension of the main roof. The porch roof is supported on four wood posts which rest on painted brick bases. (When surveyed in 1988, these were described as "red brick pedestals" with obelisk-like porch posts," so these posts are probably replacements.) The front door is slightly off center to the right; a pair of vinyl 1/1 windows is to the right of the door and a single 1/1 is to the left. A gabled dormer faces the street. The three 3/1 windows photographed in 1989 have been replaced by a pair of wide vinyl 1/1 windows. An exterior brick chimney is on the back half of the right (east) elevation.

According to the 1989 survey, this lot was sold to Annie Rickard in 1930 by her mother, Mrs. Caroline Paubel, for $1250. Caroline and Alfred Paubel had purchased almost 20 acres on the north side of Manchester Road in 1912; by Caroline's death in 1942 all but 4.6 acres had been sold as house lots along Eatherton Road and Lindy Lane. This house is a good representative of the bungalow form, is an important part of the streetscape of early 20th century Grover, and represents residential development in Wildwood in the early 20th century