Mosquito Control Services

The City of Wildwood contracts with the St. Louis County Department of Health for the treatment of areas shown to have a large populations of mosquitoes. When mosquito larvae have been found, the County typically schedules spraying for Sunday nights or early (before sunrise) Monday mornings. Residents can email the County by email and request to have an email notification of when they are spraying by a particular address. You just need to include your email address and your home address. With your home address, the County can assign you to an email group and will notify you the afternoon before the spraying is scheduled that evening. Additionally, you can call St. Louis County’s hotline on Sunday evenings (after 6:00 p.m.) and the recording will let you know the areas they are scheduled to spray that evening. That number is (314) 615-4BUG or (314) 615-4284.