Dog Park

Use the following link to go to the online application: Dog Park Application 
(Note - The entire application process can be completed at this link. Vet records, utility bills, and an image of your photo ID can all be uploaded on the online application. Payment is made at the end of the online application process.)

Wildwood residents are welcome to apply for membership to the Dog Park to bring their dogs to run and play off-leash once they are within the safe confines of the dog park. Worried your tiny pup will get run over by that big playful lab you’ve seen down the street? Worry no more! The park is separated into small/medium and a shared/large dog sections.

Please take time to read through the rules & regulations, and have the necessary documents ready to register up to three (3) dogs from your household to have access to the park. The dog park at the community park is sure to be a hit with your furry friends of all shapes and sizes.

Items you will need to become a member:

  • Application and Waiver Form (at the link above)
  • Current vaccination records for each dog for: Rabies, Bordetella, Canine Hepatitis, Distemper, and Parvovirus (Canine Influenza vaccine is highly recommended, but not required for membership.)
  • the dog(s) must be spayed/neutered
  • a recent utility bill (proof of Wildwood residency)
  • a driver's license, or other photo ID
  • a method of payment - Dog Park Membership costs $50.00 for the calendar year, for up to 3 dogs

If you have any questions regarding the Dog Park, or the application process, please contact Bree Kelchen by email or (636)458-0440.


Please note membership status is subject to review by the City Administrator of the City of Wildwood in the event of a written complaint regarding either an owner’s or dog’s behavior or a repeated disregard for the dog park rules. Should you have concerns about membership, security, and/or incidents please contact the Department of Planning and Parks at (636) 458-0440.

  1. Only members, who have signed the waiver and filled out the application, will be allowed to bring dogs into the dog park.
  2. Children under ten (10) years of age will not be allowed within the fenced yard areas of the dog park.
  3. Owners must remain in the area, where their dog or dogs are located.
  4. Owners shall provide necessary contact information on the required application form, including mobile telephone number and e-mail addresses.
  5. Sharing the lock combination with non-registered users will lead to immediate revocation of rights of use.
  6. Small/medium and large dog park sections of the facility are posted and weight limits shall be honored. Small dogs (under 23 pounds) may enter the large dog area, but large dogs (over 46 pounds) may not enter the small dog area.
  7. Damage caused by any user and their dog(s), if verified will result in suspension of his/her privileges for the remainder of the year. Return to the park is at the discretion of the City Administrator and/or his/her designee.
  8. All waste must be removed from the play areas of the dog park and disposed of immediately in designated containers.
  9. Owner(s) of the dogs are legally responsible for their behavior at all times.
  10. Dogs must be on a leash, until inside the secured areas of the dog park facility. Collars (or harnesses) are required inside the secured areas.
  11. No member may bring more than three (3) dogs into the dog park at any one time.
  12. Members may not bring canine guests into the dog park, ever. Only registered dogs are allowed.
  13. Owners must stop dog(s) from digging holes and must fill any holes caused by their dog(s).
  14. Dogs must be spayed or neutered to be allowed in the dog park area.
  15. The following are not permitted within the fenced dog park area:
    1. Dogs under four (4) months old
    2. Aggressive, sick/injured dogs, and/or dogs with any external parasites
    3. Alcoholic beverages, food, treats, or glass containers
    4. Smoking or tobacco use
  16. The City reserves the right to close the dog park due to weather conditions determined to be unsafe or would lead to damage to the facility and its equipment or grounds.

If your dog is involved in a fight (not rough play) - take your dog home. You should leave immediately because your dog is overly excited and may return to the fight, or start a new one. Come back later or next day, but give your canine a chance to calm down, off site. Before you leave, check your dog and speak to owners of other dogs involved to be sure there are no injuries. If injury occurs, file an Incident Report immediately with the Department of Planning and Parks or the St. Louis County Police Department - Wildwood Precinct, if after normal business hours.