P.Z. 10-16 City of Wildwood - Side Yard Setbacks

The following is information regarding this specific land use request:

Request Details
Project NameP.Z. 10-16 City of Wildwood - Side Yard Setbacks
Applicant/PetitionerCity of Wildwood
Project TypeText Amendment to Zoning Code
Proposed UseAdd new language to prohibit the installation of impervious surfaces and other improvements in the side yard setbacks, which are not considered structures under the Zoning Ordinance's definition of the same.
Meeting History
4-18-2016Planning & Zoning CommissionPublic Hearing (PDF)Approved Minutes (PDF)
7-18-2016Planning & Zoning CommissionInformation Report (PDF)Approved Minutes (PDF)
8-1-2016Planning & Zoning CommissionLetter of Recommendation (PDF)Approved Minutes (PDF)
8-8-2016City CouncilPublic Hearing (PDF)Approved Minutes (PDF)
8-22-2016City CouncilFirst & Second Reading of Bill #2208 (PDF)Approved Minutes (PDF)

Adopted Ordinance/PermitOrdinance #2208 (PDF)
Council MembersCouncil Member Directory
City ContactEmail Travis Newberry 636-458-0440 x124
Date Last UpdatedApril 26, 2017