Wildwood Celebration Commission

This Commission was established by an Ordinance adopted in 1997, and reaffirmed in 2008. The first members were appointed by the City Council on June 12, 2017. The purpose of this Commission is to organize and conduct the Wildwood Celebration event each year, and manage its budget.

Commission members include the following:

  • Libby Wilson, Ward One - Terms expires December 2022
  • Vicki Helfrey, Ward Two - Terms expires December 2022
  • Karen Stevens, Ward Three - Terms expires December 2021
  • Sharon Hutson, Ward Four - Terms expires December 2021
  • Jaclyn Tripp, Ward Five - Terms expires December 2022
  • Cory Lawson, Ward Six - Terms expires December 2022
  • Patricia Ward, Ward Seven - Terms expires December 2021
  • Susan Siebert, Ward Eight - Terms expires December 2021
  • Joe Garritano, City Council Member, Ward Eight - Council Liaison
  • Gary Crews, Superintendent of Parks and Recreation - Staff Liaison

Meeting Information

This Committee will meet as necessary and dates and times will vary. All meetings are open to the public.

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Meetings are now being held virtually. Please visit the Wildwood Celebration Commission Virtual Meeting page for links and other information.