Second John E. Schnarr House

16941 Manchester Road
Constructed circa 1929

John and Ida Schnarr built this house in 1929 and moved here from their previous home immediately to the west. It is an excellent example of a vernacular bungalow and is one of the most intact in Wildwood. The home has been converted to a business and is currently the location of Butler Security.

This bungaloid house has a side gabled roof with an inset front porch at the right two bays of the façade. At the left bay is a triple set of 4/1 windows; the front door appears new, and the right bay has a pair of 4/1 windows. The corner post supporting the roof at the right end of the façade is squared and tapered wood. The porch appears to have a wood deck supported on concrete piers. The gabled dormer facing the street has a triple set of 3/1 windows. There is an exterior chimney in the left elevation just forward of the roof ridge. A bracketed hood faces east covering a door at grade in the right (east) elevation.

Historic Registry Information