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Republic Services - Cart Removal Request

  1. To schedule the bulk pickup of your old cart(s) with Republic Services, please complete this form.

    Please be sure to include your email address. This request will be provided to Republic Services, and they will send you a confirmation email. 

    *Bulk pickup items are generally collected during the last week of the month. All bulk pickups are generally scheduled in advance. 

    Update: Republic Services plans to collect old carts daily during their regular waste collection operations. Residents are encouraged to place their old carts at the curb on their designated collection day. Republic Services aims to collect as many old carts as possible alongside their trash, recycling, and yard waste pickup. If you notice that your trash, recycling, and yard waste were collected, but your old cart remains, it means that Republic Services did not have enough room in their truck to collect it. If this occurs, please remove it from the curb and put it out on your next collection day. 

  2. only street number and name 

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    Click here to learn more about the waste hauler transition. 

  4. *Please note that providing your contact information is completely optional. All information provided to the City of Wildwood becomes public records retained by the City and is subject to disclosure to third parties pursuant to the requirements of the Missouri Sunshine Law.

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