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Subdivision Filing Application

  1. SECTION 1: General Information of the Subject Property or Properties
  2. Formal subdivision name is recommended and shall be approved by St. Louis County to ensure no duplication within the county.
  3. What type of Plat is being submitted?*
  4. Property Owner Information
  5. [If different from subject property]
  6. Registered Land Surveyor/Engineer Information
  7. SECTION 2: Plat Documents
    For a list of specific items to be depicted upon the subdivision plat, please refer to the Subdivision and Development Regulation, which can be found at: Chapter 420
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  9. Is a proposed roadway to be established as part of this plat?
    [If so and within a private easement, a Roadway Maintenance Agreement will be required.]
  10. Is common ground associated with this plat?*
    [If so, a Homeowners Association must be created for ongoing maintenance, governed by an Indenture.]
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  13. SECTION 3: Supporting Documentation
    Comment letters regarding ability to serve subject property, including approval of utility easements, existing or newly-established, are required from the respective agencies, unless waived by the Department of Planning. Although not all are required with this online application submittal at this time, review of the proposed subdivision will delayed until these approval letters are received.
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