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Erosion Reporting Form

  1. Please complete this form to provide information to the Watershed Erosion Task Force regarding any erosion issues associated with your property.
    Please note, this group is in the data gathering phase and will use the information provided by respondents to determine potential solutions and seek out funding sources.
  2. Can a small group of members from the Watershed Erosion Task Force visit your property, or access the creek from your property, to evaluate the identified erosion issues?*
  3. Would you be willing to take photographs of the creek on/near your property every 6 months and submit them to the City?*
  4. Would you be willing to volunteer a few hours to help the task force identify erosion problems in your area?*
  5. Would you like to learn more about erosion and ways you can help reduce erosion on your property and in your neighborhood?*
  6. Upload up to 6 photos of erosion issues on your property.
    If you have additional photos to share with the Task Force, please email them to
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