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1. Why did the City Council vote to switch to dual stream recycling?
2. Why was this change necessary?
3. When does this take effect?
4. What can I still recycle at curbside weekly?
5. When will Meridian give us the separate recycling bin for cardboard and papers?
6. What do I need to drop off?
7. Where can I drop off recyclable materials?
8. When will the drop-off locations be open?
9. Does this policy have an end date?
10. What will happen after August 1, 2019?
11. Will residents have any say in choosing a new provider?
12. Will my recycling/waste fees change?
13. How many drop-off locations will there be, and who will decide where they are placed?
14. Can I recycle plastic bags?
15. Should I leave the caps on recyclable containers and bottles?
16. I have broken glass; can I recycle it?
17. Can I recycle aluminum foil?
18. Can I recycle magazines?
19. Can I recycle junk mail?
20. Can I recycle aerosol cans?
21. Can I recycle pizza boxes?
22. Can I recycle cardboard rolls (like paper towel and toilet paper)?
23. I live in an apartment complex; do I use the City of Wildwood’s recycling program?
24. I am having trouble with the recycling program, who do I call or email?
25. What is dual stream recycling?